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Stone Peak Provisions

As someone who lives in one of the most unspoiled, natural environments on the planet, surrounded by local farmers, one of the things that troubles me most is going to the grocery store.

There, detached from the purity of nature, surrounded by factory foods that have been shipped across oceans at a terrible expense to the environment, it's easy to forget all of the goodness available to us right at home.

That's why, for years now, I've been sourcing things like organic bison from a humane-practices farmer in Mayerthore, clean natural water from Folding Mountain, and organic produce grown in the Robson Valley.

I'm not much of a cook myself, but when you start with food this natural, you don't need to do much with it.

 Or, at least that's what I thought until the spring of 2019, when Chef Dean Hossack came to join us at Overlander Mountain Lodge, and we discovered a mutual passion and excitement for all food local.

Having spent most of his career in the Okanagan and Pemberton Valleys of British Columbia, Dean had never missed an opportunity to get to know his local farmers, even planting with them in the spring, so he'd know exactly where his food was coming from.

That's the passion he's been bringing to the Stone Peak restaurant. And that's when I learned the difference between what I made, and what a world class chef can do when he has access to the finest, freshest, ingredients.

 When the Corona virus shut down our restaurant, we both felt the loss of all the good things we'd been planning for this spring. Our Brewmaster's Dinner was the first casualty, although it will be brought back when the time is right.

But where there is a cloud, there is sometimes a silver lining.

With our combined passion for the food we love to bring to the table, we sat down and decided there was still a way for us to reach our community, while supporting local Alberta farmers (along with some just across the BC border).

 And so, Stone Peak Provisions was created.

 Whether you're looking for the finest farm-raised ingredients and pantry items for your own cooking, or if you'd prefer Dean's fine foods, already made, we have you covered.

Starting now, we will be adding (and running out of) items each week, and making them available for contact-free pickup at our store.

Look for bison products, bone broths, soups and stews. We'll have meal kits featuring inspired sauces. And, well, you get the idea!

Sign up for our newsletter, and you'll be the first to know when each week's supplies are listed. Then simply visit the website, browse and buy using Shopify.

 We're living in interesting times right now. Once thing we know, however, is that good, wholesome, farm-to-table and, yes, interesting, food, is one of the things that's going to see us through.


Clint Griffiths


Jasper East Cabins General Store

Local, Organic, Sustainable

Chef made and curated products, featuring local seasonal farm to store products.  As our contact with local farmers and purveyors grows, so will our offerings in the store. Creations from our Stone Peak Kitchen will feature local meats and produce in an ever changing product line.

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Clint Griffiths


Tim Karas

General Manager

Dean Hossack

Executive Chef

Angela Turino

Jasper East Cabins Rooms Division Manager